Impartiality policy

The Board and personnel of PC&I QAS Services Sdn. Bhd. are committed to providing services which are not affected in any way by a lack of impartiality from any stakeholder in the company.

It is acknowledged that Standards Malaysia is the accrediting authority for certification bodies and all clients of PC&| QAS Services Sdn. Bhd., reasonably expect PC&I QAS Services Sdn. Bhd. to conduct its auditing activities and make certification decisions without any external or internal influences.
To ensure impartiality, PC&I QAS Services Sdn. Bhd. has developed this Impartiality policy which is available to all stakeholders. Further, it has developed the Maintenance of Confidentiality and Impartiality procedure which identifies the steps it takes and the system it has put in place, to ensure that impartiality is not compromised in any way.

PC&I QAS Services Sdn. Bh. has also established a Certification Advisory Committee (CAC) whose terms of reference are established, and which are available to stakehgiders upon request.

If any stakeholder believes actual or potential impartiality has been compromised by any activity by PC&I QAS Services Sdn. Bhd., its staff or auditor, are encouraged to register their concern with PC&| QAS Services Sdn. Bhd. These concerns will be handled promptly by the Certification Advisory Committee (CAC) and the complainant will be formally advised of the result of the committee’s deliberations.